One Ok Rock

ONE OK ROCK 2013 Jinsei x Boku = Tour Live & Film [Download] [BluRay] [1080p]

Live DVD of ONE OK ROCK features their national arena tour started from May 2013. Disc 1 features the concert performing 22 songs total. Disc 2 features documentary on the tour named “ONE OK ROCK 2013 “Jinsei x imi=” FILM.”


  1. Ending Story??
  2. Deeper Deeper
  3. Nothing Helps
  4. Karasu (カラス; Crow)
  5. Answer is Near (アンサイズニア)
  6. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.
  7. Let’s take it someday
  8. Mikansei Koukyoukyoku (未 完成 交響曲; Unfinished Symphony)
  9. Jibun ROCK (じぶんROCK; One’s Own Rock)
  10. Clock Strikes
  11. Wherever You Are
  12. All Mine
  13. Instrumental
  14. Liar
  15. Be the light
  16. ONION!
  17. 69
  18. Juvenile
  19. Re:make
  20. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (完全感覚Dreamer; Perfect Sensation Dreamer)
  21. The Beginning


  1. Nobody’s Home
  2. The same as…

Download ONE OK ROCK 2013 Jinsei x Boku = Tour Live & Film


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