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Dream Theater – Chaos in Motion 2007-2008 (Download)

Chaos in Motion 2007–2008 is a DVD from the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Released on September 30, 2008, the DVD contains a compilation of live concerts from the band’s Chaos in Motion Tour, in support of their 9th studio album Systematic Chaos. This was also the band’s last official live album to be released with their founding member and drummer Mike Portnoy before his departure from the band in September 2010. The tour, which lasted from June 3, 2007, to June 4, 2008, contained 115 shows throughout 35 countries. Two forms of the DVD were released, a 2-disc set and a 5-disc (2 DVD, 3 CD) special edition. The special edition was limited to 5,000 copies

Disc one
  1. Intro/Also sprach Zarathustra
  2. Constant Motion
  3. Panic Attack
  4. Blind Faith
  5. Surrounded
  6. The Dark Eternal Night
  7. Keyboard Solo
  8. Lines in the Sand
  9. Scarred
  10. Forsaken
  11. The Ministry of Lost Souls
  12. Take the Time
  13. In the Presence of Enemies
  14. Schmedley Wilcox:
    • I. Trial of Tears
    • II. Finally Free
    • III. Learning to Live
    • IV. In the Name of God
    • V. Octavarium: V – Razor’s Edge
Disc two
  • “Behind the Chaos on the Road” (90-minute Documentary)
  • Promo videos
  1. Constant Motion
  2. Forsaken
  3. Forsaken (Studio Footage)
  4. The Dark Eternal Night (Studio Footage)
  • Live Screen Projection Films:
  1. The Dark Eternal Night (N.A.D.S.)
  2. The Ministry of Lost Souls
  3. In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. 2
  • “Mike Portnoy Stage Tour”
  • “Mike Portnoy Backstage Tour”
  • Photo Gallery

Link Download Dream Theater – Chaos in Motion 2007-2008 DISC 1

MKV 480p


Link Download Dream Theater – Chaos in Motion 2007-2008 DISC 2


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